The General Education Center designs this university’s general education curriculum, and oversees teaching operations accordingly. The general education curriculum for this university is divided into two areas of learning: (1) core general education and (2) diversified general education. Areas of knowledge and expertise involved in the core general education curriculum includes Chinese language; English language; History; Law, Politics, and Society; Physical Activities; and Military Education. For diversified general education, areas include Culture; Languages; Politics; Law; Fitness; Natural Science; Arts; and Philosophy.

The current national education policy requires students in professional institutions to receive education with emphasis on the aforementioned areas of knowledge and expertise. This university is dedicated to enhance general education. The Center for General Education is likewise dedicated, and aims to improve the students’ well-rounded awareness to the self, to society, and to nature.

The mission of the General Education Center is to prepare students with the necessary means of intellectual and professional understanding--including language capabilities, confidence, respect for life and the environment, personal relationships, and the humanities--as they brace themselves for a fast-paced and multi-cultured world.